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Pastor Dave and Kimi Miller

Dave spent 16 years logging and had very little exposure to church, but in 1982 he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Soon after, he started attending a church in Springfield, Oregon and felt a call to be a pioneering pastor. During that time, he attended Bible School and was involved in many different ministries. When the doors were open, he was there!

Seven years later, Pastor Dave, his wife, Kimi, and their two young sons came to Bend with a dedicated group of people to establish Bend Christian Fellowship.

Pastor Dave has been very active in the community of Bend as well as serving as President and Vice President for the Bend Ministerial Association numerous times. Over the last 26+ years, Pastor Dave’s heart has been to reach the unsaved and unchurched for Christ, starting in Bend and reaching out to the rest of the world.

You will enjoy his down to earth and practical messages mixed with a great sense of humor!

Charles and Gay Lea Endicott

Associate Pastor

Don and Cheri Detweiler


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Ben and Rachel Miller

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