La Mision, Baja, Mexico – October 2010


On this trip 10 of us drove down to Mexico preparing meals and performing a quality puppet show in Spanish. We visited men’s and women’s drug rehabs, four different orphanages and multiple churches, one of which was located in the Tijuana dump. We also took on some painting projects at the orphanage, Door of Faith.

Vicente Guerrero & La mission, Baja, Mexico – November 2009


With half the team flying and half driving we decided to meet up in San Diego before crossing the border into Mexico. 22 of us spent a week at Foundation for His Ministries serving those at the mission, going on adult and child outreaches and encouraging those serving in full time ministries. 11 of us [...]

Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico – June 2008


4twelve youth group loaded up the van, pointed south, and took off on a 2500 mile road trip of a lifetime. Two days later, 14 of us arrived in Mexico and we helped build the walls for the expansion of the Bible College, plastered new dorms, and of course, dug a lot of ditches.

Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico – october 2007


22 people packed their bags and headed south for yet another action packed trip. We built a new roof for the staff lavatories and laundry facility, prepped a foundation for a new school building, and encouraged migrant worker camps through prayer, games and the gospel along with daytime children’s outreaches.

Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico – October 2006


Once again, BCF took a team to serve at this mission in Mexico. The team of 22 had a great time serving at Foundation for His Ministries mission in Vicente Guerrero. Some of the things that we assisted the mission with were: renovating a beach house that is used by the orphanage's "dorm parents", providing [...]

Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico – January, 2006


BCF sent a team of 22 people to serve at Foundation for His Ministry in Mexico. During the week, they were able to minister to orphans, do child and adult evangelism, feed migrant worker camps and do many things to help and bless the mission as a whole. This trip has been very beneficial to [...]

Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico – May, 2005


This trip Pastor Dave, Kim, Ben & Rachel Miller were invited to travel with the Cammack family to Foundation for His Ministries where they lived and served at for 4 years in Mexico. They were able to minister at an adult rehab center, do child and adult evangelism and help around the mission. This time [...]